Stratifico is made in Italy, designed in Tuscany and handmade.
We deal with lighting accessories and exclusive design furniture made mainly with 3D printing technology.


Each object printed by Stratifico is a small "work of art": from the digital project to the eco-friendly materials, a product is born which, combined with the artisan experience, is transformed into something unique designed just for you.

100% Made in Italy

With Stratifico, innovation meets the classic, hand-made processes of the Italian tradition, creating sophisticated, customizable interior design collections, impossible to replicate with industrial production processes.

Exclusive objects, designed by selected designers, handcrafted with a 100% made in Italy production. The innovative Stratifico 3D printing technology combines refined wood and hand-worked metals for unique products of their kind.


We believe that design can change the world: Stratifico uses innovative and biocompatible materials, producing only what is required by the market by eliminating waste.

PLA Polylactic acid
A biocompatible polymer, naturally biodegradable and non-toxic, is created from corn starch, sugar cane and tapioca root.
It is with this polymer that we make most of our products:a resistant, safe and environmentally friendly material.

Through this powder, guaranteed by biocompatibility certificates, combined with 3D printing technology we are able to eliminate the problem of production waste: in addition to using only the quantity necessary to create the model, it allows you to re-use 80% of the surplus powder.

A small percentage of aluminum powder merges with the polyamide powder, gives a light brilliance and preciousness to the printed object.

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