Barbavasi: Aladdin


Barbavasi: Aladdin

Aladdin: respectful. All the vases in the line are inspired by a beloved cartoon and give the feeling that each vase can take the shape of the other, change its appearance and color just as the mythical protagonists of the cartoon did.

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Pastel Blue
Antique pink
Acid Green

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Barbavasi: Aladdin

Techincal data sheet

Inspired by a beloved cartoon, the bright colors chosen to represent this collection underline the playful and free nature of these compositions. They are all generated by a single horizontal section but follow completely different vertical lines. The feeling of seeing them together is that each vase can take the shape of the other, change appearance and color just like the mythical protagonists of the cartoon did.

Sabrina Giovannini e Silvia Vercelli
PLA – Polylactic Acid
Use and maintenance

Containers made of permeable materials, not suitable for containing liquids. Indoor use only, the plastic parts are sensitive to ultraviolet rays, therefore we recommend avoiding direct exposure to the sun. Clean with a damp cloth.




Due to the technology used and the manual processing involved, none of these products are the same. Slight imperfections are attributable to the type of processing and do not constitute a defect.

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Sabrina Giovannini e Silvia Vercelli

Sabrina Giovannini e Silvia Vercelli sono due architettesse che condividono da sempre la passione per il design. La loro tesi sull'auto Penny (SUV dal cuore tenero) racconta la storia di una visione nuova ed insolita di questo oggetto la cui concezione è per lo più riservata al mondo maschile. Il loro comune interesse per gli oggetti nasce all'università di Firenze dove hanno conseguito la laurea in Architettura.

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