The Bulloni lamp is made up of four 3D printed components. All components are assembled manually, giving the lamp a strong artisan connotation.

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Techincal data sheet

The elongated design of the Bulloni lamp starts from the formation of a cylinder, first make into an oval shape, then stretched to resemble a particular silhouette with four points that distinguishes it. The Bulloni lamp is made up of four 3D printed components, some customisable in various different colours: the upper part, the lower part, the central band and the support for the lamp. This model, like others in the "lamps" line, has a strong artisan component: the various bolts play a functional but also aesthetic role, both in the table and in the hanging version. It is possible to choose a color combination.

Otto Design
PLA – Polylactic Acid
Electrical components

Cable covered in 1.5 metre fabric, E14 connection, LED bulb.

Use and maintenance

Indoor use only, plastic parts are sensitive to ultraviolet rays and may turn pale, so we recommend avoiding direct exposure to the sun. Clean with a damp cloth.
Only use LED bulbs.


15cm x 12,3mm x 19,3cm


Due to the technology used and the manual processing involved, none of these products are the same. Slight imperfections are attributable to the type of processing and do not constitute a defect.

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Otto Design

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